Depressives Anonymous™

Understanding & Overcoming Depression

Depressives Anonymous™ is an organization dedicated to ending the grim scourge of depression and depression related suicide from the world.


Unfortunately, cures for depression abound. It is unfortunate only because these so called “cures” only address the symptoms and ignore the cause. The reason they ignore the cause is that they readily admit that they do not know what causes it. So even with the helpful and healthy advice addressing nutrition, exercise and other life style changes, the insidious demon, which is depression, continues to lurk in the dark recesses of the subconscious of those who suffer, waiting to strike in moments of weakness and vulnerability.


Depressives Anonymous™ works with both the cause and the symptoms, healing the Emotional Trauma residing in the subconscious mind that triggered the depression in the first place and working to change the habits of negative thinking that perpetuate it.




Paul L. Morris, CCHt

Tel: ​1 (845) 893.6173