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Why continue to suffer, if other methods

have failed ​to provide sufficient relief?

Training for practitioners available on a group and individual basis.

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Conquering Depression for Life™

This process for healing and controlling Depression is natural, holistic, and self-sustaining. The sufferer actually does the healing while being trained and guided by the clinician.  This means that at the end of the process, typically five sessions or less, the client should be in control of their Depression rather than it controlling them.  This process can be effective whether or not the client is taking medication or is undergoing psychotherapy.   

The process works like this:

1)    Locate and reverse the instruction to the subconscious that activated your syndrome of depression.
2)    Heal and clear the Emotional Trauma that spawned the debilitating instruction.
3)    Learn to control your thoughts to avoid triggering future episodes.

4)    Practice the quick and simple technique to end a Depressive episode should one unintentionally occur.



The Emotional Control Method™

The ECM™ is a unique approach for releasing negative feelings and emotions quickly, gently and permanently. Each of us possesses the ability to release these bothersome and intrusive feelings. The process is simple and straight forward and requires no prior skill or knowledge, just the willingness to free oneself from the grip of fear and uncertainty. When you control your emotions, you control your life.

The Seven Attributes of ECM™
1. Fast – visible results in every session
2. Easy – requires only desire and intention
3. Non Intrusive – no need to share cause of issue being healed
4. Effective – the change will be as profound as the issue
5. Requires – no discipline or ongoing practice
6. Results – works automatically on an unconscious level
7. Permanent – change lasts indefinitely



This website is for information purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. It is desirable and prudent to seek the advice of your physician if you intend to stop taking any medication prescribed for depression or otherwise, whether asymptomatic or not. This Process has worked for people who suffer from depression and emotional trauma.  When the trauma is healed many positive outcomes occur.  The results speak for themselves.

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