the healing process 

THE HEALING PROCESS: How and Why it Works


The primary reason this method works is that it identifies and eliminates the true cause of Depression  and not just the symptoms.    Naturally, when the cause is eliminated the symptoms are gone as well.


All the essential elements of this approach to healing and eliminating Depression originated in actual first hand experience.  Every therapy I guide people through I have experienced myself, so I understand how it feels to suffer, make the change and then experience the freedom, joy and personal power of being symptom free.  In short, even as a healer I have lived this and I am passionate about sharing what I have learned and felt from beginning to end so that others can share the feeling of being free from Depression and the emotional trauma that caused it.


When I work with a client I serve as a guide, thus you as the client cause the change to occur while I simple lead you to the location in your mind and psyche where the change can take place.   Therefore, I can only lead you to the switch, but you have to throw it; I can only lead you to the doorway to emotional freedom, but you have to be willing to pass through the portal and enter the light.  Are you ready to leave the darkness of your Depression behind?




Why continue to suffer, though other methods have failed to provide relief?

The only side effects from this process are good ones: greater happiness, more positive choices and emotional freedom.  



The Keys To Ending Depression


There are three keys to ending True Depression:

1) Reversing the "death wish" that drives the deep sadness and fuels the depressive episodes

2) Healing the Emotional Trauma that caused the "death wish" to be triggered in the first place

3) Changing the habit of thinking sad and negative thoughts (spawned by the Depression) and replacing it with happy, positive and joyful thinking

If any of this sounds too simplistic I assure you it is not.  It is fundamental and it works.  The fact that it is so straight forward may be why the medical and psychotherapeutic communities have missed it. The more elusive it seemed, the more complex the solution was imagined to be which often lead to some quite heavy handed "solutions."  According to the principal called Occam's Razor: "Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected."  In other words "the simplest explanation is usually the correct one."

I discovered these concepts through a combination of personal experience and feedback from my clients.  I do not claim to have just "figured it out."  I just happened upon it after pondering the problem for about twenty years.  Dogged persistence obviously played a big part in the process.  I was determined to find a remedy for my suffering no matter how long it took and I did!  Now others as well can use this process to free themselves from this insidious affliction.


The sadness of Depression comes from of a combination of the emotional trauma of rejection by one's parent(s) and the resulting "death wish" that is desperately trying to put you in a state of helplessness and hopelessness.  Thus life for the depressive becomes a life long grim struggle to escape the darkness and bleakness of this existence without taking ones own life.  This process that I propose can be the instrument that the client can use to end that struggle for good.