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Client Testimonials for Healing Depression

My testimonial for you to use is as follows:
I have suffered from occasional depression episodes since I was a teenager (now I am 41). Back then, my mom tried to find a solution with different specialists but nothing really worked. In my twenties, I started to live my spirituality more strongly, and that made an important shift within me. However, as a human being, I have kept feeling depressed once in a the last months, maybe for all the situations I have had to go through, I have had these episodes more often, which had me very concerned, since I did not want to fall into the trap I did when I was a teenager. Once I had a very nice conversation with Paul and he helped me realize and remember that everything is in our mind and it is up to us to give it the order of just not being depressed. It is that simple! We decide to be depressed or not to be. We cannot give the mind the power of managing our lives and, especially, to make us feel in a certain way. We are the ones who have the power over it! The mind is part of us, not the contrary. So, each time I have put this into practice, I have seen how easy I can turn what it could have been an awful day into a nice and peaceful one.

Thank you, Paul
Ana, Connecticut


 The process that Paul Morris presented has helped in dealing with my own depression.
It will work if you do not allow depression to control your thinking.
In short, you control your own thinking. The choice is yours.



Saddle River, NJ


In just one session working with Paul, I had an "aha" moment that shifted my energy and ended my depression to this day.  I was immediately able to put to practice the new insight that I had received and it continues to make a difference in my life today.  

I highly recommend Paul's process.

C.M., Mt. Vernon, NY


I first became intrigued with Paul's program when I noticed a significant change in Paul himself.  I had known Paul for a few years at the time and, while I didn't see him more often than a couple of times a month at various events, I had a pretty good sense of who he was and what he was all about.  Then there came a time that I noticed a significant "lightening" of Paul's spirit, a softening of his demeanor and a more positive energy exuded by Paul.

When I found he had created a Depression Program, I was not surprised in view of the change I had seen in him.  I wanted to know more.  I experienced Paul Morris' Depression Program first in a single, effective session with him.  His process is relatively simple, based upon the individual's ability to re-direct depressive thoughts.   I found myself going back to the session in my mind regularly when in need of uplifting.  

I was pleased to be able to have another useful session with Paul more recently -- a "booster" shot, if you will.  As with any change in behavior or thinking, repetition is needed in changing patterns.  I have used Paul's system not only for depression, but also for weight loss.  Quite effectively! While my experience with depression is that it is pervasive and no single therapy is totally effective, Paul's Program is one of several tools I continue to use, with excellent results.

Yours in wellness,

Paula Caracappa
Founder,  PPC Group LLC
Chairperson, Westchester Holistic Network


I am a lifelong depressive and I value Paul Morris' technique.  I felt uplifted and healed when he went to the core message of depression - the death wish.  I realized I was not embracing life.  We went to the trauma keeper and allowed that part of myself to release pain.  Paul is a compassionate and genuine healer.  I appreciate his caring and I feel happier.

Joan, Greenwich, CT





Client Testimonials for:  The Emotional Control Method™
(Formally The SelfBonding Method™)



"SelfBonding is an 'everyman’s' process for releasing stuck negative emotional energy."
GJ Peister, MD



Paul is great. I went to see him. I was not depressed but had emotional issues bottled up inside me that were holding me back. In one visit I felt so much better. !!!!!!!!


Virginia O'Connor, White Plains, NY


  "Paul's Self Bonding Method allowed me to clearly define the destructive energy force I was carrying with me from early childhood trauma. He allowed me to safely and vividly experience the traumatic sensation and where I had allowed it to reside in my body for over 40 years! Once 'We were there' his method then allowed 'US' to banish it! It was beautiful in its simplicity then, and now I continue to use it for other recurring issues. I am grateful for this and for the inspiration Paul Morris continues to bring to me!"

Thank-you Paul!
  With love and gratitude,
  Cheryl Anne, Beauty Aficionado, President
L'Azur Escape Laser Centre& Spa


  “I would recommend that anyone who is experiencing an unknown blockage in their life do themselves a favor and experientially become liberated through Paul's technique.”


Shawn D., MS, JD, Mohegan Lake, NY


  “Thank you so much, Paul, for helping me to clarify and intensify my decision to let go of that historic inner voice of matter what! It is just a choice to live differently, and I made it using your SelfBonding Method.”
   Dr. Carolyn Honey Friedman, Nyack, NY

After our session, I definitely felt more together. Although, I sometimes catch myself trying to slip back into my previous mode, I seem to have improved.  Instead of throwing my hands up, I seem to be trying to hold it all together and feeling that I am more assertive within myself.  Your orientation is so interesting. I was just speaking on the phone with a friend in Florida and, he, who is very observant, announced that I seem more calm.  

Well thank you for your help.

F. C., Dance Teacher


  Breakthrough healing from Paul.
It was a monthly meeting that I often attend for holistic healers. I am a big fan of healing naturally and using what ever resource I can to make my life happier, more peaceful and Powerful. After our Tuesday morning meeting Paul came up to me and asked If I would be interested in a spontaneous healing. A very fast practical way to free me from trauma from the past. I was in! In less than 10 min the fear I had around my dad almost killing me and my mom and the emotional charge around the whole story that I made up from 5 years old was gone. What was available after that moment was freedom from the past. NO MORE FEAR AROUND MEN. WOW. Paul's simple approach and laser ability to guide me into releasing a childhood story that was running my life was priceless!
 Thank you my friend,
  Your technique has changed my life forever. I just met the love of my life and I am clear that your presents in  my life helped  attract this.
 Your work in the world is greatly appreciated and needed. Keep on rocking!

Smiles,  Renee Drummond


  HI Paul,
"Something really shifted in my last session with Paul. We've been working together on and off for several months. Paul's been helping me in a variety of capacities. He is an excellent life and business coach. His years of experience helping people succeed in business and direct marketing really comes through. His style is direct and to the point, and he's a great listener. During our last session, which was an impromptu event, I got great results. I'd been getting good results up till then, but I think the accumulation of our work together made a difference. I believe this was my third session.
I was returning Paul's call. From the simple meditation process that Paul guided me through, I saw in a minute this event, and the ramifications for my life ever since. This incident happened when I was about 7 years old. I'm now 44. That's a long time to be holding onto fear of failure, that failure means loss of love and acceptance, and many other nuances too many to go into here. I could tell immediately that THIS event, was probably one of the most life changing events to happen in my life, and that it had been affecting me ever since, and not in good ways.
The results? Well at the end of the same day, a lead for a new potential client, that I thought was completely dry, called me, and asked if I was still available to do contract work. Within the next day, another lead would approach me which I am still waiting to hear on, and then three days later another part time job lead that I thought had gone cold opened up.
There is no doubt in my mind that these results are connected to Paul Morris' Self Bonding system.
I feel there is a direct connection between Paul's work with me, this mediation process and the increase in my work flow. ... there is no doubt that I will continue to work with Paul, and I learn and grow more and more in my own business and my life.


Thank you Paul!!!! Best,     
 Deirdre Limoges, MA, Certified ITS Trainer
 Business Consulting, Management, Marketing


  There are only two things that drive people.  It will come from either fear or desire.  The fear is a stopping force.  It often keeps a person from attaining or enjoying some aspect of life.  Paul Morris has a technique to assist people in facing fears.  In this way he has people embrace the fear thus taking away the power that fear had.  It is an acknowledgment that this fear no longer has any power or the right to keep a person from something wanted.  Ask Paul about it - he helps you help yourself.


  Liz Cosline
Life Ownership Coach


I would like to tell you that the session has helped me with selling and it has helped me with my personal stuff as well. I will try to recommend you to any one and every one and I believe that you are doing a great service to help people . The best thing is that its very simple and after you teach me the method I can use it in my every day life thanks a bunch and if you ever need anything from me let me know.

 Ashish Anand
  Financial Services Representative



Thank you for the opportunity to have a private session with you as I do believe your program does allow people to confront and eliminate any fears and phobias they may have when dealing with the public at large. The system allows you to identify any hidden uncomfortable feelings and teaches you how to banish them, allowing you to be more at ease during the selling process. Thanks again!

John P. Brennan
  Financial Services Representative


  Dear Paul,
Thank you for helping me to overcome my fear of success.  I always wanted to have my own full time hypnosis practice helping people in a positive way. In using your emotional fear technique, I was able to find out why I was holding back from allowing my business to grow. Your techniques as well as your caring attitude have changed my life and for that I am grateful.

Thanks for everything,
Craig Caliciotti, C.Ht.


“Paul's sessions are powerful and go deep to erase the early triggers that bind you. I experienced a calm, centered facilitator utilizing his "Emotional Control Technique" with gentle questions and direction in a way that helped me to let go of old restricting patterns and helped me to feel a freedom and ease. I highly recommend Paul Morris as a holistic healer especially for early childhood trauma."

Isis Maria Cohen

Rockland Healing & Coaching Ctr, Inc



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